Slippsy is a brand of colorful unisex design slippers coming from Czecho-Slovakia. The main aim is to give this common and boring product such as slippers a new dimension, to make it extraordinary. Playful, colorful and comfortable these are the words that describe Slippsy slippers the best.

The two of us are very good friends who got to know each other at Work & Travel program in USA during our studies at the university. One after another we both moved to Prague. We found out, that we have so much incommon and we have so much passion for creativity and freedom. We came up with the idea to create something that would bring other people joy and still have the practical meaning of use.

After the first research we found out that the Czecho-Slovak as well as foreign markets lack a concept of a brand of home slippers which would combine comfort and design. Generally speaking, slippers is a utility product and not a lot of people are thinking about its style and design. People are trying to surround themselves by beautiful things and want to feel comfortable within their homes. They buy designer accessories, furniture, nice sheets so why not stylish slippers? We recognize slippers as a part of our homes, as the synonym for relax and comfort.

Since we wanted to share our project with the rest of the world, we decided that the international crowd funding platform Indiegogo is a great opportunity to start our project. Our goal as the goal of any other campaign was to succeed, to be able to start production and to raise funds to buy the necessary equipment for our workshop. We succeeded!

We believe Slippsy is for everyone, regardless of age, gender or style. We would like to be presented as Czecho-Slovak brand that came up from a local production and is capable to reach people around the world.


At first sight the production of textile slippers might seem like a simple thing to maintain. Something that could be made by anyone. The opposite is true. After a year of endless trying to find a manufacturer, who would be able to make the product according to our vision, was impossible. It is hard to believe that in the whole Czech and Slovak republic, we did not find anyone who would match our expectations.

Slippsy is in fact some kind of hybrid - in between of a textile and footwear product. For tailors too thick to stitch the materials, for shoemakers great diligence. To move forward with our dream, we had to make a decision.  We bought a couple of older industrial sewing machines and with help of one seamstress we slowly started to learn how to bring Slippsy to reality. This decision proved to be correct and supported by skilled people we were able to finalized our prototypes. After more than a year of work with product development, we are ready to present Slippsy to the world.

Slippsy is not only stylish and fashionable, our slippers are highly functional as well. They are made in our own workshop in Kosice (Slovakia). We developed them using beautiful 100% cotton designer fabrics, super - comfortable foam and slip resistant sole to bring you high quality product with unique design. Our designs are for everyone, the variety of colors and designs is limitless, we are choosing combinations which are likable and unisex, everyone can find the favorite one, no matter what age, beliefs or style you have, wearing colorful slippers doesn´t mean being childish - it means being playful. So don?t take yourselves too serious, awaken your playful spirit and brighten up your life!

Designed in Prague, made in EU.


Each pair comes in the original Slippsy plastic bag, which is resistant to external influences, so the slippers will safely arrive all the way to you.
There are also other gift boxes available in the gift category.

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